HALIFAX – The Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia has released a three-year action plan to that will improve the quality and affordability of post-secondary education to the Nova Scotia government. Students are meeting with Minister of Labour Advanced Education and the 10 university presidents at noon today to present this plan.

“Reducing tuition fees, increasing university funding, and strengthening student assistance is a responsibility our government has to all of Nova Scotia,” said Anna Dubinski, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia, “Making education more accessible will render our system more equitable, and reduce student debt in our province.”

According to Statistics Canada, undergraduate students in Nova Scotia currently pay an average of $6,440 a year, $481 more than the national average. Tuition fees in Nova Scotia are also increasing faster than the national average.

Students are recommending the provincial government immediately reduce tuition fees to 2011 levels, develop a framework  to eliminate all tuition fees by 2026, and convert all provincial student loans grants.

“Our plan shows that Nova Scotia can have the post-secondary system we deserve,” said Dubinski, “Our recommendations tackle real issues facing our province including qualified Nova Scotians denied access to a college or university because of their income and youth outmigration caused by high tuition gees and staggering student debt.”

The required government funding for students’ recommendations is $140 million. This investment would have a minimal impact on Nova Scotia’s debt management strategy. Nova Scotia is currently aiming to reduce its debt-to-GDP ratio to 34.2% by 2018, and the recommended investments would only alter this target by 0.3%.

The report containing the recommendations, Face the Future, can be found at cfs-ns.ca/other-publications/.

The Canadian Federation of Students, Canada’s national student movement, is comprised of nearly one-half million students from over 80 college and university students’ unions. Students in Canada have been represented by the Canadian Federation of Students and its predecessor organisations since 1927.


For more information:

Anna Dubinski, Chairperson- Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia
(902) 329-2329 or chairperson@cfs-ns.ca

Students present plan for post-secondary education to government