HALIFAX – One year after the Liberal’s landslide victory in Nova Scotia, youth are in a more precarious position than beforehand. Tuition fees and youth unemployment levels remain well above the national average, with the latter sitting at roughly 20% for over a year now.

“While in opposition, the Liberals criticized the NDP over the same tuition fee increases they are now implementing,” said Michaela Sam, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia, “Young people are demanding that this government take action to immediately reduce student debt and youth unemployment levels in Nova Scotia.”

In April 2014, the Nova Scotia Government announced it would be cutting $49.5 million from the budget by eliminating the Graduate Retention Rebate. Students are calling for this money to be reinvested in a mixture of initiatives that would convert student loans to grants, reduce tuition fees to 2011 levels, and increase total university funding by 3%.

“High student debt prevents graduates from buying a house, starting a business, or having the flexibility to stay in Nova Scotia and find a job in the current labour market” said Sam, “This government needs to abandon the austerity agenda that is impoverishing a generation of Nova Scotians.”

Students will be rallying at 5:30pm today outside a Liberal Party fundraiser being held to celebrate their first year in government. Students will be running a young worker/student obstacle course to highlight how challenging the lives of young people are in Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Federation of Students, Canada’s national student movement, is comprised of nearly one-half million students from over 80 college and university students’ unions. Students in Canada have been represented by the Canadian Federation of Students and its predecessor organisations since 1927.


Contact: Michaela Sam, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 999-4318
Alt. tel: (902) 425-4237

Contact: David Etherington, Maritimes Organiser, Canadian Federation of Students
Tel: (902) 292-7991
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Students can’t win in McNeil’s Nova Scotia