HALIFAX – The Liberal decision to shut down Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia (FCINS) will seriously undermine the work of young filmmakers in Nova Scotia. Programs funded by FCINS, such as Film 5 and the Media Art Scholarship Program, play an essential role in the learning experience of film students and recent graduates in Nova Scotia.

“Programs like Film 5 play an important role in connecting students at NSCAD University and the Nova Scotia Community College with the broader film making community in Nova Scotia,” said Yalitsa Riden, Deputy Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia. “These connections are essential to keeping young artists here in Nova Scotia.

Cuts to FCINS mean that NSCAD University will no longer be able to offer honours students the opportunity to create a short film as their thesis project. This year NSCAD students were able to produce 6 short films, providing hands on experience to dozens of students throughout the university.

“These programs are essential to students getting the practical experience needed before completing their degrees,” said Riden. “The Liberals told students they were going to create experiential learning opportunities for us, not wipe them out.”

Students at NSCAD University are expecting to pay substantially more for their degrees despite cuts to these supports. Government’s decision to eliminate the provincial tuition cap means that tuition increases could more than double in the coming years.

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Liberal funding cuts leave few options for young filmmakers in Nova Scotia