HALIFAX—At a meeting with students today, the Minister for Labour and Advanced Education Kelly Regan confirmed that the government will continue support double-digit tuition fee increases at Nova Scotia’s universities while blocking the passage of legislation aimed at combatting sexualized and gender based violence on university and college campuses.

“It is unconscionable that our government has chosen to deny students the action we need to make our colleges and universities safer for all students,” said Michaela Sam, Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia. “This government does not get to decide that sexual assault on campus does not matter or exist. Students live with that violence every day, and Minister Regan has an obligation to address the crisis.”

While the government of Nova Scotia denies students action and policy to end sexual and gender based violence, governments in Ontario and Manitoba have introduced or passed legislation requiring comprehensive policy and strategies for preventing and addressing sexual assault on campuses.

The government has no plans to stop the massive tuition fee hikes that they have forced students into across the province. Tuition fees are increasing by as much as 37% over the next 3-years at some institutions.

“Students are already sacrificing meals, living in poverty while studying and carrying massive loans at graduation. The tuition fee increases will only exasperate these issues and the dwindling enrolment numbers of some campuses and programs,” said Jonathan Grant, Treasurer for CFS-NS. “It is not too late for Minister Regan to reject the tuition fee reset proposals for the good of students and the province.”

The Canadian Federation of Students is the oldest and largest national student organization in Canada, representing over 650,000 college, undergraduate and graduate students across the country.


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Michaela Sam, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia
(902) 999-4318, chairperson@cfs-ns.ca, @MichaelaSam

Jonathan Grant, Treasurer, Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia
(902) 476-7322, treasurer@cfs-ns.ca

Nova Scotia Government Denies Students Accessible and Safe Campuses