On Thursday, August 18, students took to Grand Parade Square with chalk in-hand to let Halifax know that student issues are municipal election issues. Students chalked the pavement with messages about the upcoming election to tell municipal decision-makers what issues that matter to them. The Generation Vote campaign calls on these decision-makers to address issues important to students. It also aims to motivate students to get engaged with the upcoming election. Putting chalk to concrete, students proclaimed: “This election, be a part of Generation Vote.”

Students’ messages focused on five key municipal issues that affect students’ lives: arts and culture, affordable housing, fair wages, food security, and public transit. For each issue, students are calling on their city councillors and candidates to implement key interventions:

  • Rent control and landlord licensing.
  • Increased municipal investment in arts and culture.
  • A $15 minimum wage ordinance for the municipality.
  • Municipal investment in farmers’ markets and community gardens.
  • Protected bike lanes and more busses on bus routes.Students call for affordable housing

Halifax is home to 35,000 college and university students. They make up almost 10% of the city’s population: a significant demographic. The same is true across Nova Scotia. This fall, students in municipalities across the province will be holding actions to engage municipal decision makers. In the 2016 municipal election, our voices will be heard!

We are Generation Vote