HALIFAX—Numbers released by Statistics Canada earlier today show historically high tuition fee increases across Nova Scotia for the 2016-17 academic year. Average undergraduate tuition fees have increased to $7,218 compared to the national average of $6,373.

“These fee hikes are slamming shut the doors of higher education for a generation of learners,” said Charlotte Kiddell, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia. “When fees are increasing exponentially faster than incomes, our province is sending a message that post-secondary education is a privilege for the rich.”

60% of post-secondary students in Canada are from the top two income quartiles. Over the past 10 years, the number of Nova Scotians pursuing a university degree in Nova Scotia has decreased by 18.5%.

This year, tuition fees in Nova Scotia increased faster than anywhere else in Canada at 5.6%, double the national average of 2.8%. Nova Scotia has surpassed Saskatchewan to now have the second highest undergraduate tuition fees in the country.

“These tuition fee hikes are the result of a joint failure by our federal and provincial decision makers to prioritize accessible post-secondary education,” said Kiddell. “That’s why on November 2 students will be taking to the streets to demand that our government invest in our collective future by reducing tuition fees and committing to free post-secondary education across Canada.”


The Canadian Federation of Students is the oldest and largest national student organization in Canada, representing over 650,000 college, undergraduate and graduate students across the country.


For more information:

Charlotte Kiddell, Chairperson, CFS-NS, (902) 580-5735, chairperson@cfs-ns.ca

Tuition fee hikes a catastrophe for accessible post-secondary education in Nova Scotia