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The Honourable Kelly Regan.

6th Floor, 5151 Terminal Road, P.O. Box 697

Halifax, NS B3J 2T8

The Hon. Kelly Regan,

The need for meaningful action to combat sexualized violence on university and college campuses has never been more evident.

In the past few years, Nova Scotia has been witness to multiple incidences of highly publicized examples of sexualized and gender-based violence. While public events such as the Saint Mary’s University rape chants and Dalhousie Dentistry “Gentlemen’s Club” sparked widespread national dialogue, they were not isolated incidents. Students know that rape culture has always permeated our campuses, and that sexualized violence continues to be a harsh reality for students across the province. Research reports that one in five women experience sexual assault while attending a post-secondary institution, with people with disabilities, trans, indigenous and racialised people disproportionately affected. In reality, the prevalence is much higher: the majority of sexual assaults on campus go unreported because students fear they will not be believed or supported by their institutions.

Students have been at the forefront of the fight to end sexualized and gender-based violence for decades. In 2015, Nova Scotia’s students presented the government with a report titled Working Towards Consent Culture: Developing a Plan to Combat Sexual Violence on Campuses in Nova Scotia. The document recommends provincial legislation to combat sexualized violence on campus with dedicated survivor support funds and services, mandatory institutional sexual assault policies and standardize data-collection and public reporting on instances of sexual assault. Students have garnered widespread support for legislation from community groups and leaders. The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party have introduced the Safer Colleges and Universities Act and the Sexual Violence Action Plan Act respectively in an attempt to realize such legislation. Similar legislation has already been passed in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

By contrast, the Nova Scotia Liberals have backtracked on their commitment to students’ safety, blocked proposed bills, and failed to protect survivors of sexualized violence. The Liberals have opted to address the issue of sexualized violence on campus in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a non-binding document that offers no recourse to students should universities violate its terms. The MOU only commits universities to adopting stand-alone sexual assault policies; it does not commit the dedicated funding for survivor supports, and data collection and reporting that students are calling for. The limited language in the MOU is brief and vague. If offers no clear guidelines for policy development and student engagement, leaving institutions scrambling to develop policy and students clambering to hold administrators accountable.

Nova Scotia’s students deserve the highest form of protection: the law. Nova Scotia has consistently sparked a national dialogue about campus rape culture, but we are shamefully lagging behind when it comes to taking action to protect students. We, survivors, students, community organisers and allies urge the Liberal government to immediately pass legislation recommended by students to combat sexualized violence on campus.


Charlotte Kiddell

Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia




Fayeji A W Nova Scotia Community College
Hamid Abdihalim Dalhousie University
Sulaiman Adrian Dalhousie University
Alah Ahdelghers Mount St. Vincent University
Ahmad Ahmad Dalhousie University
Iqbal Ahmed Chowdhury Dalhousie University
Teniola Aisida Saint Mary’s University
Khalid Alghandi Mount St. Vincent University
Ali Ali Mount St. Vincent University
Basel Alkaraki Dalhousie University
Kelsey Allen Dalhousie University
Judy-Ann Allen Mount St. Vincent University
Akram Alwithenan Dalhousie University
Hiba Alyousef Mount St. Vincent University
Maryam Amin Nova Scotia Community College
Nikita Anderson Dalhousie University
Matt Andrews Dalhousie University
Livia Anthes Dalhousie University
Stephanie Antonello Mount St. Vincent University
Siwar Arda Dalhousie University
Alison Armstrong St. Francis-Xavier
Sahil Arora Nova Scotia Community College
Danielle Arseneau University of King’s College
Monique Asetie Dalhousie University
Kate Ashwood University of King’s College
Sinan Aslam Dalhousie University
Randa Ataya Dalhousie University
Karolyn Aucoin University Sainte Anne
Francis Bacchus University of King’s College
Stephen Baker Mount St. Vincent University
Alison Bartlett Dalhousie University
Cierra Baxter Mount St. Vincent University
Hilary Beaton Nova Scotia Community College
Nicole Bebe Nova Scotia Community College
Jordan Beck Crouce NSCAD University
Cleo Beland Nova Scotia Community College
Shannon Belding Nova Scotia Community College
Julia Belittchenko University of King’s College
Courtney Bell Acadia University
Caitlin Bennett Dalhousie University
Leah Bennett Dalhousie University
LeRoy Bennett Nova Scotia Community College
Britney Benoit Dalhousie University
Alishia Berthelet Mount St. Vincent University
Rebecca Bertrands Dalhousie University
Erin Besseau NSCAD University
Peter Betts Nova Scotia Community College
Kais Bietar Dalhousie University
Josh Biggar Dalhousie University
Brooklyn Blackmore Nova Scotia Community College
Cedric Blais University of King’s College
Leslie Blake Nova Scotia Community College
William Blois Dalhousie University
Derek Blois Mount St. Vincent University
Christine Boctor Mount St. Vincent University
Sophie Boileau Mount St. Vincent University
Yousef Bolons Dalhousie University
Patrick Bondy Dalhousie University
Haley Boone Mount St. Vincent University
Leslie Borden Mount St. Vincent University
Courtney Boudrean Dalhousie University
Melanie Boudreau Dalhousie University
Liam Boudreau Nova Scotia Community College
Michelle Bouthillier Dalhousie University
Nadine Boutilier Dalhousie University
Jillian Boutilier Nova Scotia Community College
Miranda Bowron University of King’s College
Sydney Brened Dalhousie University
Patrick Brenna-Alpert Dalhousie University
Cara Brennan Mount St. Vincent University
Jessica Brennan University of King’s College
Miriam Breslow Dalhousie University
William Brewe NSCAD University
Will Brewer Mount St. Vincent University
Angie Briand Nova Scotia Community College
Rachel Brickner Acadia University
Zoe Brimacombe University of King’s College
Alicia Brine Dalhousie University
James J. Brittain Acadia University
Joey Brooks Nova Scotia Community College
Greg Brown Dalhousie University
Marion Brown Dalhousie University
Stephanie Brown Nova Scotia Community College
Saul Brown Nova Scotia Community College
Jonathan Brown Gilbert University of King’s College
Mary Bruer University of King’s College
Alison Bryan Mount St. Vincent University
Mike Budraw Nova Scotia Community College
Mark Buell Mount St. Vincent University
Lindsay Bullen Nova Scotia Community College
Hanna Buonvivere Dalhousie University
Jasmin Burchell Dalhousie University
Kelsey Burchell Nova Scotia Community College
Kayla Burgess Dalhousie University
Ian Burke Dalhousie University
Brenden Butchart Dalhousie University
Jeremy Butler Nova Scotia Community College
Moamen Bydoun Dalhousie University
Selina Cameron Acadia University
Evan Cameron NSCAD University
Celeste Cares NSCAD University
Sawyer Carnegie Acadia University
Jenna Carrier Nova Scotia Community College
Delaney Carter Nova Scotia Community College
Anita Cenac Nova Scotia Community College
Kristen Chafe Dalhousie University
Adrianne Chapman-Gorey Nova Scotia Community College
Danielle Charels NSCAD University
Nishit Chaudhari Nova Scotia Community College
Rose Chen Dalhousie University
Jiahao Chen Nova Scotia Community College
Zhenyn Cheng Dalhousie University
Maggie Church Nova Scotia Community College
Riley Clarke Nova Scotia Community College
Leane Clattenburg Dalhousie University
Sarah Clowater Dalhousie University
Jacob Coffin Nova Scotia Community College
Andrew Collins Acadia University
Jenn Collins Acadia University
HC Collins Nova Scotia Community College
Carla Conrod Community Ally
Jamie Cook Dalhousie University
Michael Cook Dalhousie University
James Coons Dalhousie University
Nicole Cooper Dalhousie University
Sebastian Copp Dalhousie University
Paisley Coppieters University of King’s College
Rouba Corban Dalhousie University
Erica Corbett Dalhousie University
Jasmine Cormier St. Francis-Xavier
Sam Cotton University of King’s College
Marie-Eve Couture Nova Scotia Community College
Ethan Craig Mount St. Vincent University
Erin Crandall Acadia University
Kathryn Cronin NSCAD University
Kyle Cross Mount St. Vincent University
Jeremy Crowther Mount St. Vincent University
Melissa Cull Dalhousie University
Ainsley Cunningham Mount St. Vincent University
Ceilidh Curtis Dalhousie University
Shelley Curtis-Thompson Community Ally
Samantha d’Entremont Nova Scotia Community College
Chad d’Entremont Nova Scotia Community College
Margaret Dannrath Mount St. Vincent University
Meghan Deninons Dalhousie University
Aaron Dert Nova Scotia Community College
Destiny Desroche University of King’s College
Meagan Deveau Nova Scotia Community College
Jennifer Devlin Nova Scotia Community College
Travis Devonport Dalhousie University
Sandeep Dhillon Mount St. Vincent University
Gregory Dicks Mount St. Vincent University
Kaylea Difford Nova Scotia Community College
Christine DiGiosia Mount St. Vincent University
Sabrina Dimattia Mount St. Vincent University
Maggie Dingwell University of King’s College
Tim Disler Dalhousie University
Rebecca Dmello Dalhousie University
Bryan Doherty Nova Scotia Community College
Justine Dol Dalhousie University
Marie Dolcetti-Koros University of King’s College
George Dong Nova Scotia Community College
Tristan Dorey Dalhousie University
Colleen Dort Nova Scotia Community College
Katie Douglas Dalhousie University
Gavin Douglas Dalhousie University
Brett Douglas Nova Scotia Community College
Eleanor Doyle Nova Scotia Community College
Jennifer Drillio Nova Scotia Community College
Danielle Driscoll Dalhousie University
Gabrielle Drolet Dalhousie University
Anna Dubinski University of King’s College
Sam Dundas Dalhousie University
Claire Dykhuis Mount St. Vincent University
Kelsey Eatmon Dalhousie University
Michelle Echevem Dalhousie University
Chris Edgett Nova Scotia Community College
Andrew Edwards Dalhousie University
Jennifer Edwards Nova Scotia Community College
Ahmed Eissa Nova Scotia Community College
Sumiah El Falah Mount St. Vincent University
Caral Ellan Nova Scotia Community College
Kadence Ellis Nova Scotia Community College
Mariam Elserafi Dalhousie University
Dorsa Eslami University of King’s College
Elham Etemad Dalhousie University
David Etherington Community Ally
Yolanda Evang Dalhousie University
Nadine Ezzedine Dalhousie University
Sarah Fahmy Dalhousie University
Kayla Fancy Mount St. Vincent University
Sam Farnham Dalhousie University
Maria Farrell Dalhousie University
Andre Fenton Nova Scotia Community College
Rebecca Ferrier-Smith Mount St. Vincent University
Debbie Fice Dalhousie University
Shanea Fields Mount St. Vincent University
Tammy Findlay Mount St. Vincent University
Rose Fity Pabrek Dalhousie University
Courtney Fitzsimmons Mount St. Vincent University
Stephen Forrest Nova Scotia Community College
Bella Fraiberg Dalhousie University
Andrea Franchaill Nova Scotia Community College
Donelle Fraser Dalhousie University
Allistair Fraser Dalhousie University
Shannon Frederick Mount St. Vincent University
Rebecca Gallagher Nova Scotia Community College
Laura Gallant Nova Scotia Community College
Michael Gardner Dalhousie University
Keegan Gardner-Elmer University of King’s College
Rebecca George Dalhousie University
Brittany George Mount St. Vincent University
Latie George Nova Scotia Community College
Mackenzie George Nova Scotia Community College
Cailin Gerrard Nova Scotia Community College
Ali Gholami Mount St. Vincent University
Cassaundra Gillis Nova Scotia Community College
Giria Gilloramo Dalhousie University
Kate Glennon Dalhousie University
John Gobran Dalhousie University
Charlotte Goguen Dalhousie University
Lisa Goldberg Dalhousie University
Victoria Gonzalez Dalhousie University
Ciara Gordon University of King’s College
Trinity Gosby Nova Scotia Community College
Clare Goulet Mount St. Vincent University
Nardeen Grace Dalhousie University
Tony Gracey Acadia University
Brianna Graham Dalhousie University
Chris Graham Nova Scotia Community College
Adam Gravelle Nova Scotia Community College
Adam Graves Dalhousie University
Matthew Green Dalhousie University
Brycen Gunn Nova Scotia Community College
Daphnee Hahn Mount St. Vincent University
Matt Hairo Nova Scotia Community College
Shannon Hall Dalhousie University
Amanda Hall Mount St. Vincent University
Julie Hall NSCAD University
Sarah Hamad Dalhousie University
Ariane Hanemaayer Dalhousie University
Julia Hardy Nova Scotia Community College
Leah Hartley Mount St. Vincent University
Chloe Hatt-Franklyn Dalhousie University
Jane Hawken Dalhousie University
Frederik Hayward University of King’s College
Prisca Hebert University of King’s College
Delaney Henderson Dalhousie University
Erin Henderson Mount St. Vincent University
Maya Hibbeln Dalhousie University
Claire Hickey NSCAD University
Brittany Higgins Dalhousie University
Amy Higgins Dalhousie University
Hannah Highfield NSCAD University
Katie Hill Dalhousie University
Kaylan Hill Mount St. Vincent University
Elizabeth Hill Mount St. Vincent University
Gabrielle Hill-Desjardins University of King’s College
Kathryn Hillier Mount St. Vincent University
Joella Hodder Nova Scotia Community College
Patrick Holland Dalhousie University
Cheralyn Holland Nova Scotia Community College
Scott Holman Dalhousie University
Charlotte Hook University of King’s College
Bradi Hookey Dalhousie University
Qianni Hu Dalhousie University
Derek Hughes Dalhousie University
Luke Hunter Dalhousie University
Rebekah Hutten Other
Latima Imran Dalhousie University
Christina Imriy Dalhousie University
Ange Inhamella Dalhousie University
Ryan Irwin University of King’s College
Nikki Jamieson Mount St. Vincent University
Ola Jaroma NSCAD University
Heba Jarras Dalhousie University
Kaila Jefferd-Moore University of King’s College
Emily Jennex Saint Mary’s University
Anita Joh NSCAD University
Astrid Johnston Dalhousie University
Grace Jothiraj Dalhousie University
Alannah Journeay NSCAD University
Adele Joyce Dalhousie University
Caileigh Kanaserich Nova Scotia Community College
Gracious Kasheke Dalhousie University
Amanda Keddy Dalhousie University
Tyrisha Kelsie Nova Scotia Community College
Usma Khan Dalhousie University
Denys Khaperskyy Dalhousie University
Rafeeda Khashmeimous Dalhousie University
Pavia Khater Dalhousie University
Liane Khory Dalhousie University
Lucy Kiester Dalhousie University
Inhwa Kim Dalhousie University
Phillipp Knopf Dalhousie University
Tamika Knutson NSCAD University
Vaishali Kulkarni Dalhousie University
Andrea Kuntz Dalhousie University
Maia Kvas Dalhousie University
Colton L Nova Scotia Community College
Dolene LaPointe Dalhousie University
Sean La Prairie St. Francis-Xavier
Ellie Lamothe Mount St. Vincent University
Emily Lamoureux Dalhousie University
Marc Lamoureux Community Ally
Ryan Lane Mount St. Vincent University
Gracen Langley Dalhousie University
Carla Langley Dalhousie University
Victoria Lanoe Dalhousie University
Jessica Lappin Nova Scotia Community College
Brenda Le Dalhousie University
Sarah LeBlanc Dalhousie University
Bonita LeBlanc Mount St. Vincent University
Brandon Leblanc Little Mount St. Vincent University
Mickella LeClair Dalhousie University
Alissa LeClerc Nova Scotia Community College
Helen Lee Dalhousie University
Dongjun Lee Nova Scotia Community College
Chris Lee Nova Scotia Community College
Sani Lempager NSCAD University
Karl Leuschen Dalhousie University
Nicole Lever Dalhousie University
Kristen Levesque Dalhousie University
Jiaven Li Dalhousie University
Devan Lissm Dalhousie University
Siyiu Liu Mount St. Vincent University
Keenan Livingstone University of King’s College
Macy Lloyd Dalhousie University
Adriana Loewen University of King’s College
Sam Logan Mount St. Vincent University
Allison Lord University of King’s College
Cassidy Lowe Dalhousie University
Jade Lowe Dalhousie University
Clara Lownie Dalhousie University
Nicole Lucas Nova Scotia Community College
Kathy Lusby Dalhousie University
Taylor Lynds Dalhousie University
Leah MacBain Mount St. Vincent University
Darian MacCuish Rudderham Mount St. Vincent University
Darci MacDonald Acadia University
Kayleigh MacDonald Dalhousie University
Sara MacDonald Dalhousie University
Shawna MacDonald Mount St. Vincent University
Joanne MacDonald Mount St. Vincent University
Arthur MacDonald Mount St. Vincent University
Ryan MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Bobi MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Danielle MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Brandon MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Ross MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Rafael MacDonald NSCAD University
Kelly MacGilliv Ray NSCAD University
Kelsey MacGillivray Nova Scotia Community College
Moraig Macgillivray Other
Jennifer Machatchy Dalhousie University
Cassie MacInnis Nova Scotia Community College
Kevin MacIsaac Nova Scotia Community College
Jessica MacIsaac University of King’s College
Kemp MacKay Mount St. Vincent University
Alex Mackay Nova Scotia Community College
Jesslynn Mackenzie Mount St. Vincent University
Jenna MacKinnon Dalhousie University
Jennifer MacKinnon Dalhousie University
Ashley MacKinnon Mount St. Vincent University
Angus MacKnight Nova Scotia Community College
Zoe Macky-Boehner Dalhousie University
Matt MacLellan Mount St. Vincent University
Ann MacMillan Dalhousie University
Micaela MacNeil Dalhousie University
Lindsey MacNeil Dalhousie University
Aidan MacNeil Nova Scotia Community College
Duncan MacNeil Nova Scotia Community College
Arin MacNeill Nova Scotia Community College
Maryam Mah Dalhousie University
Alisha Major Mount St. Vincent University
James Mallov Mount St. Vincent University
Madison Mantler Dalhousie University
Katanwz Marinic NSCAD University
Nathalie Marsh University of King’s College
Naomi Marsman Nova Scotia Community College
Jordyn Martell Dalhousie University
Emma Martell Dalhousie University
Monica Mason Dalhousie University
Jillian Mason Mount St. Vincent University
Jeannine Massie Mount St. Vincent University
Ashleigh Mastin Mount St. Vincent University
Liana McBride Dalhousie University
Isaiah McCollough Dalhousie University
Beth McCormack Nova Scotia Community College
Brennan McCracken University of King’s College
Alyssa McCray Mount St. Vincent University
Kathleen McDade Mount St. Vincent University
Clancy McDaniel St. Francis-Xavier
Jill McDonald Dalhousie University
Katelyn McElman University of King’s College
Ryan McGinn Nova Scotia Community College
Leigh McGlone Nova Scotia Community College
Melissa McGuire Nova Scotia Community College
Tylar McIntye-MacDonald Nova Scotia Community College
Mary McKenna Dalhousie University
Molly McLaughlin Nova Scotia Community College
Jessie McLaughlin NSCAD University
Robert McLean Mount St. Vincent University
Konna McMullen Nova Scotia Community College
Kali McMullin Acadia University
Joelle Mcnaghen Dalhousie University
Aidan McNally University of King’s College
Alex McVittie University of King’s College
Shen Mehhw Dalhousie University
Clement Mehlman Dalhousie University
Jenny Melanson Dalhousie University
Ryan Merlin Dalhousie University
Caine Meyers Dalhousie University
Behrooz Mihankhah Nova Scotia Community College
Kaarina Mikalson Dalhousie University
Cameron Miles Nova Scotia Community College
Rachel Millar Nova Scotia Community College
Cindy Miller Dalhousie University
Simon Miller University of King’s College
Ida Millington Mount St. Vincent University
Dylan Milne Nova Scotia Community College
Gianraffaele Moffa Dalhousie University
Sara Mofford Mount St. Vincent University
Luke Mohan NSCAD University
Mark Monk Dalhousie University
Stephanie Monk Mount St. Vincent University
Megan Moore Mount St. Vincent University
Hannah Moore St. Francis-Xavier
Tricina Morash Mount St. Vincent University
Holly Morgan Mount St. Vincent University
James Morris Nova Scotia Community College
Reid Morrison Nova Scotia Community College
Stephanie Mullin Dalhousie University
Kaytee Mullins Nova Scotia Community College
Jessica Mulock Mount St. Vincent University
Kelsey Munro Mount St. Vincent University
Brandon Munroe Nova Scotia Community College
Allie Murchison Nova Scotia Community College
Tanisha Myles Mount St. Vincent University
Anthony Nauss Nova Scotia Community College
Jacob Nearing Dalhousie University
Ryan Nearing Mount St. Vincent University
Michael Nearing NSCAD University
Jodi Neil Mount St. Vincent University
Hayley Nelson Mount St. Vincent University
Jordan Newell Nova Scotia Community College
Linsay Newell Nova Scotia Community College
Quincey Newell Nova Scotia Community College
Tiffany Nichol NSCAD University
Kelsey Nicholson Mount St. Vincent University
Lauren Nickasm Nova Scotia Community College
Jenna Nolan Dalhousie University
Elisa Nurse Nova Scotia Community College
Sarah Nyenhuis Dalhousie University
Siobhan O’Brien Dalhousie University
Graham O’Brien University of King’s College
Amber O’Callaghan NSCAD University
Amie O’Haire Nova Scotia Community College
Jennifer O’Keefe Mount St. Vincent University
Courtney O’Quinn Dalhousie University
Shannon O’Toole University of King’s College
Aprar Ohag Mount St. Vincent University
Aprar Ohag Mount St. Vincent University
Ivan Okello Dalhousie University
Ola Olayihles Nova Scotia Community College
Brianna Oldford Nova Scotia Community College
Keely Olstad University of King’s College
Jonathan Oore Dalhousie University
Cynthia Osborne Dalhousie University
Benjamin Oury Dalhousie University
Lea Paas-Lang University of King’s College
Madison Pagr Nova Scotia Community College
Montse Palau de Miguel Dalhousie University
Grace Park Dalhousie University
Wayne Parker Dalhousie University
Tara Parsons Saint Mary’s University
Sarah Patzelt St. Francis-Xavier
Sarah Paul Nova Scotia Community College
Justin Payne Nova Scotia Community College
Daynisha Paynter Mount St. Vincent University
Howard Pearce Dalhousie University
Chris Pearse University of King’s College
Emily Pelley Dalhousie University
Liz Perez Nova Scotia Community College
Christine Pettipas Mount St. Vincent University
Nick Pettipas Nova Scotia Community College
Erin M Peveril Nova Scotia Community College
Anastasia Pindera NSCAD University
Barny Pok Saint Mary’s University
Georgia Poletes University of King’s College
Georgia Poletes University of King’s College
Andrea Power Dalhousie University
Emma Power Dalhousie University
Reed Power-Grimm Acadia University
Daphne Poy Dalhousie University
Rebekah Prette Dalhousie University
Rachel Provencal Dalhousie University
Courtney Provost Nova Scotia Community College
Anne Quema Acadia University
Adria Quigley Dalhousie University
Ben Quinn Mount St. Vincent University
Bhupendra Rajawat Dalhousie University
Jessie Rankin Dalhousie University
Anna Ratuski Dalhousie University
Renee Raudonis Dalhousie University
Deepiha Rawat Dalhousie University
Deepika Rawat Dalhousie University
Victoria Ray Nova Scotia Community College
Christal Rayner Nova Scotia Community College
Rabbi Raysh Weiss Other
David Redden Dalhousie University
Rebecca Redden Mount St. Vincent University
Sean Redmond Dalhousie University
Lynette Reid Dalhousie University
Hannah Reid University of King’s College
Nicholas Relja Dalhousie University
Emma Renaerts University of King’s College
Isabelle Reynolds University of King’s College
Brenda Richard Dalhousie University
Brianna Richardson Dalhousie University
Erin Riehl University of King’s College
Brianne Roberts Mount St. Vincent University
Jocelyn Robichaud Mount St. Vincent University
Cynthia Robicheau Nova Scotia Community College
Carolyn Robinson Dalhousie University
Aislinn Robinson Mount St. Vincent University
Scott Robinson Nova Scotia Community College
Agawa Robinson NSCAD University
Shawna Rombay Nova Scotia Community College
Colby Ronchar NSCAD University
Danielle Root Mount St. Vincent University
Gill Rose Mount St. Vincent University
Lindsey Ross Dalhousie University
Lauren Ross Mount St. Vincent University
Nicole Ross Nova Scotia Community College
Tyler Rowe Dalhousie University
Jillian Ruhl Mount St. Vincent University
Julia-Simone Rutgers University of King’s College
Molly Ryan Dalhousie University
Bita Saffary Dalhousie University
Nick Sajko Dalhousie University
Tanya Salomon Nova Scotia Community College
Michaela Sam University of King’s College
Dylan Samson Nova Scotia Community College
Jessica Samson St. Francis-Xavier
Elisabeth Sander Mount St. Vincent University
Erika Sanderson Dalhousie University
Alara Santacroce University of King’s College
Christine Saulnier Community Ally
Ethan Saulnier Nova Scotia Community College
Laura Schep Dalhousie University
Libby Schofield University of King’s College
Danielle Scholken Dalhousie University
Chandni Sehgal Dalhousie University
Justen Senford Nova Scotia Community College
Anna Sevauiakou Dalhousie University
Remingta Shandro Dalhousie University
Layne Sharpe NSCAD University
Patty Shaw Dalhousie University
Rachel Shaw NSCAD University
Emily Sheehan Mount St. Vincent University
Stephanie Shewchuk Dalhousie University
Edward Shorter Dalhousie University
Emma Sigsworth University of King’s College
Deepak V. Simili Dalhousie University
Laura Simonds Dalhousie University
Emma Simpson Mount St. Vincent University
Rachel Sinclair Dalhousie University
Sharestha Singh Drall Dalhousie University
Cameron Slade Nova Scotia Community College
Karli Slauenwhite Nova Scotia Community College
Kristen Smith Dalhousie University
Wesley Smith Nova Scotia Community College
Jolee Smith NSCAD University
Celine Soare Dalhousie University
Stofano Sokolic Dalhousie University
Marshall Soltice Dalhousie University
Bubacarr Souko Dalhousie University
Hannah Sparwasser Soroka University of King’s College
Matthew Spencer Nova Scotia Community College
Bonita Squires Dalhousie University
Brent Stailing Mount St. Vincent University
Claire Steward Dalhousie University
Courtney Stewart Dalhousie University
Hannah Stewart Dalhousie University
Jenna Stewart Mount St. Vincent University
Matthew Stickland Dalhousie University
Iain Stmingtow Dalhousie University
Chris Stone Dalhousie University
Joshua Stone Mount St. Vincent University
Dana Storey Dalhousie University
Matt Stoyek Dalhousie University
Shannon Stride University of King’s College
Cecily Strongman Dalhousie University
Shea Stubbert NSCAD University
Taylor Stuewe Acadia University
Anamika Sulekha Dalhousie University
Charlotte Sullivan University of King’s College
Craig Sutherland Dalhousie University
Kelsey Sutton Mount St. Vincent University
Megan Svetman Nova Scotia Community College
Alison Sweet Nova Scotia Community College
Alexandra Sweny University of King’s College
Michelle Talbot University Sainte Anne
Martin Tango Acadia University
Clay Tanner Nova Scotia Community College
Mitchell Tarrant University of King’s College
Vivian Taylor Mount St. Vincent University
Leonardo Taylor Nova Scotia Community College
Alison Taylor Nova Scotia Community College
Alyssa Teed Mount St. Vincent University
Karis Tees University of King’s College
Monica Teixeira Mount St. Vincent University
Jonathan Ten Napel Nova Scotia Community College
Ashley Thomas Nova Scotia Community College
Mallory Thomas University of King’s College
Jessica Thompson Nova Scotia Community College
Courtney Thompson Nova Scotia Community College
Dylan Thompson St. Francis-Xavier
Kenneth Thomson Nova Scotia Community College
Helen Timsu Dalhousie University
Evan Toth-Martinez Nova Scotia Community College
Carleigh Trottier Dalhousie University
Sarah Trower Dalhousie University
Zhu Tu Dalhousie University
Kein Tucker Nova Scotia Community College
Christopher Tully University of King’s College
Geoff Turnbull University of King’s College
Courtney Turner NSCAD University
Chase Valiant Nova Scotia Community College
Sorrel Van Allen NSCAD University
Hannah Van Den Bosch University of King’s College
Aarnoud C. Van Der Spoel Dalhousie University
Karl Vollmer Dalhousie University
Sarah-Jane Von Bredow University of King’s College
Brynn Walker Dalhousie University
Brittney Wall Mount St. Vincent University
Yan Wang Dalhousie University
Jax Warner Nova Scotia Community College
Taylor Warren Nova Scotia Community College
Jack Watson Nova Scotia Community College
Courteney Waye Dalhousie University
Wenshan Wei Mount St. Vincent University
Mabel Weng Mount St. Vincent University
Meghan Wentall Dalhousie University
Brianna West NSCAD University
Stephen Weston Nova Scotia Community College
Cavell Whalen Nova Scotia Community College
Matt Whalen Nova Scotia Community College
Nick Whebby Mount St. Vincent University
Alicia Whidden Dalhousie University
Janna White Dalhousie University
Erin White Mount St. Vincent University
Devin White Mount St. Vincent University
Karl White Nova Scotia Community College
Brandy Whitford University of King’s College
Carla Whytock Dalhousie University
Daniel Williams Dalhousie University
Danielle Wilms Acadia University
Alexa Wilson Dalhousie University
Mariah Wilson Mount St. Vincent University
Frank Wishart Mount St. Vincent University
George Worther Dalhousie University
Joyce Wright Mount St. Vincent University
Lianne Xiao University of King’s College
Enze Yang Dalhousie University
Renee Yary Dalhousie University
Alyson Young Mount St. Vincent University
Alex Young Nova Scotia Community College
Tareq Yousef Dalhousie University
Sofia Zaman University of King’s College
Laura Zentner Dalhousie University
Paige Zwiker Dalhousie University


Endorsed by:

Central Nova Women’s Resource Centre
Gender & Sexuality Alliance NSCC Waterfront
CUPE Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour
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Students’ Letter for Sexualized Violence Legislation