HALIFAX—Today’s budget does nothing to improve the situation for post-secondary students in Nova Scotia.  While the budget makes small investments in programs for recent graduates, research,  and mental health services, it does little to offset the impact of looming tuition fee hikes, the record levels of student debt or the chronic underfunding of our post-secondary institutions. Tuition fees in Nova Scotia are the second highest in Canada, at $7,567 for the 2017-18 academic year, compared to a national average of $6,571.

“This government has implemented one of the most regressive tuition policies in the country in their term and has shown little interest in taking steps to making post-secondary education more accessible” said Aidan McNally, Chairperson for Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia. “Today’s budget has been balanced on the backs of students who are taking on record high levels of student debt, debt that will deter students from staying in Nova Scotia and growing the economy after they graduate.”

Students were present at the province house to voice their displeasure with this government and present them with their message: look at what you’ve done.

“Since this government took power, on average tuition fees have risen by 18%, not including international student or professional program fees,” said McNally. “Earlier this year, students met with members of the legislature to present our plan for a fully accessible post-secondary education system.  Instead of using this budget as an opportunity to fund such a system, this budget maintains status quo policies which have resulted in the second highest tuition fees in Canada.”

The Canadian Federation of Students is the oldest and largest national student organization in Canada, representing over 650,000 college, undergraduate and graduate students across the country.

For more information:   Aidan McNally, Chairperson, CFS-NS, (902) 222-2409

Sarah Trower, Organizer, CFS-NS, (902) 802-0055

Look What You’ve Done: Students Gather at Province House to Bring Attention to Rising Tuition Fees and Lack of Support in Budget 2018