The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)  provides discounts to students from airfare to movie rentals. This IS NOT a card only for international students, every student is eligible for these discounts. The Card is 60 years old and at the beginning it provided only travel discounts, encouraging students to explore the world. The card has expanded in the past years to include more discounts for students.

This is the only international student discount card, there are 125,000 ISIC discount locations across almost 130 countries. To find all the local discounts in Nova Scotia and to see if there is discounts where you a traveling take a look at the ISIC website. Some student favourites are:

  • 15% off Porter flights with Travel Cuts
  • 40% off printing at FedEx Kinko’s
  • 30% off new rentals at Video Difference
  • $20 off every $100 you spend at Sleep Country

For NSCAD and King’s students, the ISIC card also has your health plan policy number on it (it’s the Green Shield # on your card). This is the number you’d either give to your health care provider or you use to file have to file the claim yourself please refer to the Green Shield website. For any questions about your health plan please see your Student Union.

The ISIC card is free for students that part of our membership. CFS-NS gives out the ISIC card durning September at King’s University, NSCAD University and Mount St.Vincent University. Check with your student union to see when we will be on your campus. You can also get the card online here. Dalhousie Students are also able to get the ISIC card on their campus for a fee of $20.

The ISIC card is a not for profit organization that helps students and local business’. It gives students increasing international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities among students, young people and the academic community. As well as free advertising for local and small business’ in exchange that they provide a student discount.

The Canadian Federation of Students partners with local business across the country through its two student discount cards: the International Student Identity Card and the Studentsaver card – for free!

In communities across Canada, students rely on these discount cards to make everyday purchases more affordable. By participating, your business will benefit from free advertising, while expanding your customer base. More importantly, your business will be recognized in the community as one that supports students.

Participating is easy. Simply sign up to offer a discount for students and receive, for free, promotional support including listings in regional and national guide books, online and on a new mobile app.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch the Federations provincial office by email at or via phone at (902) 425-4237

Business’ can fill out the form here to join the ISIC  program.