Sexual assault is any non-consensual or unwanted sexual contact. It can include kissing, touching, grabbing, or intercourse.

Sex without consent is sexual assault. Consent is actively and constantly agreeing to sexual activities. Just because your partner agrees to something, doesn’t mean that they agree to everything. Communicate with your partners and ask what they want. Remember people who are drunk or high can’t give consent under the law.

Sexual assault is about power and violence, not pleasure, love, or even sex. Sexual assault not only impacts someone physically, but may also affect a person’s sense of safety and ability to control their own life.

Sexual harassment is any comment, gesture, or behavior with a sexual context that can be considered offensive or degrading to the recipient.

Sexual Assault is a Crime

The decision to report the sexual assault to the police is up to you. Charges can be brought against any person who sexually assaults, including a lover, acquaintance or stranger.

If you decide to report the attack to the police, you may do so at any time. But, it is advisable to seek help as soon as possible – whether you decide to report it or not. If you want to report to the police, try not to destroy evidence by washing, showering, combing hair, or changing your clothes.

Sexual Health Resources

The following is a list of sexual health centres located around university campuses. For a full list of sexual health centres in Nova Scotia visit the Nova Scotia Association for Sexual Health. For more information on Sexual Health resources in Canada please visit Canadian Federation for Sexual Health.

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre
Provides a nurse to assist victims of recent sexual assault (within 72 hours), individual and group counselling for women, and referrals to additional services.
425-0122 (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)
422-4240 (Business)

Halifax Sexual Health Centre
6009 Quinpool Road, Suite 201, Halifax

Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health
150 Bentinck St., Sydney

Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health
35 Riverside Street, New Glasgow

Tri-County Women’s Centre
12 Cumberland Street, Yarmouth